Thursday, 21 October 2010

England: some doors may close, others open

Chance of some state funding for CE
At a price?

The voluntary-sector magazine Third Sector reports as follows –

Although the comprehensive spending review will reduce public spending by 19 per cent over the next four years, it promises a bigger role for the voluntary and community sector.
'The reforms underpinning the spending review represent a significant increase in the opportunities and funding available to the voluntary and community sector in the medium and longer term,' says the report, Spending Review 2010.
A key part of this will be the new £100m transition fund, which will run over the next two years in England only, and is intended to help the sector prepare for the opportunities, especially in the area of public service delivery.
Overall, the review says that the government will spend about £470m over the next four years to support capacity-building in the voluntary and community sector, including an endowment fund to assist local voluntary and community organisations and money to pilot the National Citizen Service.....
The review says that the government will consider setting the proportions of specific services that should be delivered by non-state providers, including voluntary groups.
'This approach will be explored in adult social care, early years, community health services, pathology services, youth services, court and tribunal services, and early interventions for the neediest families,' it says.

More on the Hardship Fund

It will be available only to organisations based in England.
The spending review document, published this afternoon, says the fund will support 'those organisations delivering front-line services that stand to be affected in the short term by reductions in spending, and are able to demonstrate that the financial impact will affect their ability to deliver services'.

New forms for CE?

A degree of ingenuity and imagination, flexibility, good local knowledge, enthusiastic would-be beneficiaries, and willingness to repackage – and hey presto, there could be something new here for Conductive Education if you are willing to undertake the necessary application process...

...and embrace the possibly radical changes  to adapt to how and where conductive practice might be delivered to suit very different requirements from those funded today.

New lamps for old

Good luck if you venture on this route. No doubt we will hear, eventually, if you succeed. If you do, then many others will wish to follow your lead (though this particular pot of money will by then have been long exhaused!

Meanwhile one might remember the deal offered by the sorcerer in the tale of Alladin. There will be some unwilling to surrender their old lamp in return for a shiney new one, hoping or striving to find continuing employment for it elsewhere.

Good luck to them too.


  1. Andrew, as I assume others will, I have requested further information about the Transition Fund.

    However, in following the link to the Third Sector website, I read:
    "Money likely to be targeted at medium and large organisations that can play a bigger role in delivering public services".

    Medium and large organisations. Ho-hum!

    You recently posted a piece about CE and strategic thinking. Today, I heard the news that three local councils in London are to collaborate so as to achieve costs' savings and efficiencies. (It led me to fantasise about the four South Yorkshire boroughs doing the same, for the benefit of people locally.) Is this a model for the future?

    If local councils can do it, how about CE organisations coming together (a strategic move?) to position ourselves as a "medium to large" nation-wide organisation able to bid into the Transition Fund in 2011-12?

    BTW, on the related point of what constitutes a "medium-to-large" charity, I wonder if you noticed this, which I put on Twitter last night (with a hat-tip to my colleague Karen Hague):

    "List of top 100 suppliers to DWP 09-10. Eye-watering. Spot the top charity. Did I say "charity"?"

  2. It looks like about the size to embrace many CE centres: