Friday, 1 October 2010

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Music in CE: a suitable case for study

On her passionate blog from Florianópolis in Brazil, parent-blogger Leticia Búrigo writes to draw attention to the work of Daniel Levitin of McGill University in Montreal, Canada –

O ato de ouvir, tocar e compor música mobiliza quase todas as áreas do cérebro até agora identificadas pela neurociência.
Música: está aí uma forma sempre nova de estimular nossos filhos, que precisam estar com o cérebro em constante ebulição.

As I understand it, Leticia writes that the act of listening, playing and composing music utilises almost every brain area identified by science, and that music offers ever-new ways to stimulate children who need their brains in in constant activity.

As stated, a bit 'neuro' for my taste – but it is easy to see this as a restatement on a different plane of something very familiar in pedagogic terms, and most deserving of consideration by the world of Conductive Education.

Not having heard of Daniel Levitin, I did a quick Internet search. He and his work really do look very interesting:

This is the sort of psychological science and research, Romantic (Luriya) and humane, adventurous and speculative, that Conductive Education should be involved with, rather than all that dreadful reductionist nonsense that it has allowed to be brought down on its head over the last twenty or so years to such damaging effect.

Aah, what might have been achieved. But it is never too late. Play on.

Obrigado Leticia, para nos lembrar de algo muito importante...

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