Thursday, 14 October 2010

Little news from Conductive Education?

There is always New Zealand

Not uniquely, Conductive World has been remarking on the general paucity of CE news. News from New Zealand, however, drifts in at a fairly constant rate. Down under, the Land of the Great White Cloud is getting on with things, come what may.

October's issue if the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education's Newsletter leads inevitably with news of the recent earthquake. All three CE facilities in Christchurch survived the earthquake with minimal damage and were soon fully back to work. In Addington, the other city affected, CE premises got off scot-free but two staff and two families suffered severe domestic damage.

The Newsletter has lots more to report, local and national, personal and institutional (including from the NZ Conductors; Association). The overall impression is of a CE presence that is beginning to achieve critical mass, both internally and with respect to its place in its county's life.

Of course there are other countries where people are getting on with it too, disasters, public finances notwithstanding. What is happening in New Zealand, though, seems quantatively and qualitatively different from most what is happening in most countries in the world where Conductive Education is struggling to establish itself. To use an increasingly common expression, it is 'thick' – that is it has substance, bodt, it coheres, it sticks (both to itself and to the communities in which it is embedded).

Let's be hearing more

That seems the domestic reality of CE in NZ in 2010. There is another level of reality, though, the level of other people's knowing about it from outside New Zealand, knowing from its example what can and is being done, to add to their own case for doing something the same, to bring hope and inspiration, to strengthen their resolve.

I know what is going on in NZ through a variety of personal sources. This week I also received through email the six-monthly Newsletter from the the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education,

I believe that only a couple of NZers will be going to World CE Congress in Hong Kong in December – so something vital will under-represented there, a picture of just what CE can potentially amount to in a twenty-first-century. English-speaking liberal democracy. (Comparisons may be otiose – so make your own!)

It is a very good time therefore to renew the plea to the NZFCE to come out from under its bushel and publish its Newsletter on line. This would surely take only a few minutes to set up, cost next to nothing, help transform CE's sometimes flagging image, and cheer everyone up no end.

What is there not to like?

Item on previous NZFCE Newsletter (May)

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