Friday, 8 October 2010

New book on stocks

We call it ICE

The Almanack cafe-bar in Kenilworth does a nice cup of coffee and, if you like toast with things on it, a free breakfast. And you can linger there, in its pleasant atmosphere, for as long as you like:

It is an ideal place for the unwaged editorial meeting of Conductive Education Press. On Tuesday morning past we had the putting-to-bed meeting for our next book:

Internationalising Conductive Education

The whole text is now set up. It just needs indexing. That what I have been doing today – but, forty pages short of the end, I have called it a day. Those last forty pages will have to wait till tomorrow morning, when I hope that I shall have my brain back.

Then all that is needed will be the blurb for the back cover and ICE will be ready for printing.

Further announcement in a few days.

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