Sunday, 17 October 2010

Rapid progress in South Australia

Via Facebook

A group of Conductive Educators, parents and interested business people are looking to open Adelaide's first CE Centre in 2011.
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Conductive Education Centre in Adelaide, South Australia joined Facebook sometime in August or at the start of September

It's happening! Seeking expressions of interest from clients who are interested in attending the CE Centre in Adelaide. Opening as soon as Feb next year. If you wish to be updated and secure registration please email  and or join this page. (2 September)
Consider enrollment for Feb 11 classes. Max enrollment per child is four (3 hour sessions) per week. Only 8 places are offered each day. Secure your spot with an Expression of Interest (EOI) email to EOIs will not lock you in, but with demand for places high, it's the best way to ensure a place is offered. (4 October)
...three EOIs, filling fast just from Facebook contacts! Please refer to the discussion forum regarding fees. (5 October)

The venture appears to be in the hand of Geoff Phillips of Iter Consulting:

Iter Consulting is the specialised support service for the not-for-profit and community sector in South Australia.

Things are moving, though what things and in what direction are not yet clear. Facebook is demonstrating its potential for facilitating movement, however, and  there alreadyhave been quick-and-dirty discussions about whether home-based or centre-based services would be preferred for this new centre, and about fees.

There's a model here being played out for real, and in real time – one to follow.

Good luck.


  1. Geoff Phillips writes

    Greets Andrew –

    Thanks for the PR.

    Just a couple of edits u might consider.

    "appears to be in the hands of" might be replaced with "facilitated by"

    "quick and dirty" might be better described as "early stage consultation"



  2. LOL - What about thank you for the free PR plug Andrew instead of trying to correct the guys grammer? Some people are never grateful.