Friday, 15 October 2010

Strange charity website

Strange realities

For what it is worth, a new website has been launched today. It is called Alive and Giving and will list charities with information next to each about how much of your donation will be spent on 'administration' and how much on 'front-line services'.

According to its Chief Executive, –

This means you can be sure your chosen charity is transparent and effective. We do not rate or score charities in any way and instead leave it up to the donor to make their own evaluative decisions. The idea is not only to help you find a charity that you want to support, but also to reassure you that your money is accounted for.

Thus informed, you may then make a donation through the site to your chosen charity. For a fee.

By the way, I can understand why Hong Kong and BP each have a Chief Executive because, whatever the word 'executive' means, each must have quite a few of such people to be kept in order. But why does a mere website have one? How many 'executives' does it have?

Given this site's focus, this does seem a relevant question.

Try it on Conductive Education

You find the site at:

Enter “Conductive Education” into the site's search engine, and you come up with nothing.

Try again, just with just “conductive” and you get nine hits. Three of these are duds (not CE charities), while the remaining six are a smallish proportion of the registered charities involved in CE in England.

Here they are, along with their reported 'charitable spend' (see below the list that follows for explanation):
  • Pace Centre 89% of £2m
  • Steps 98% of £873.7
  • Rainbow 83% of £548
  • Rainbow House 80% of £545.5
  • Paces Sheffield 95% of £655.7
  • Foundation for Conductive Education 82% of £958.5
Charitable Spend. The percentage of funds the charity dedicates to supplying goods or services to meet the needs of its beneficiaries or grants made to meet the needs of the charity’s beneficiaries,displayed as a proportion compared to the funds spent on fundraising and governance costs.

Are people really so daft as to allocate charitable donations on such a basis.  Er... my experience in the charitable sector does rather suggest that there are people, not just in funding bodies but in management/governance of charities themselves, unable to see beyond this simple consideration.

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