Friday, 15 October 2010

World Congress updates

SIMS, deadlines, programme

Telephoning in Hong Kong

On Tuesday Conductive World reported that there would be wireless connection in the World Congress conference venue, and raised the question of how to manage in the evenings and after the end of the Congress.

In response, Susie Mallett suggested – 

There could perhaps be the option of buying a pay-as-you-go dongle in Hong Kong. I did this on my last visit to England and it was very good value at 15 pounds for 90 gigabytes...
I am not an expert, but perhaps there is one out there who can tell us if this is an option worth looking into for Hong Kong.

Come the day, come the man! Via the Pre-congress Social Networking Platform, Davy Chin, IT Manager for SAHK, reports as follows –

One of the service provider in Hong Kong with Pay-as-you-go service is One2Free. It offers prepaid SIM card with mobile broadband service at following rates:
SIM card: HKD178 which includes 5 days unlimited mobile broadband service.  For details about mobile broadband SIM, please visit
In case you don't have SIM card enabled notebook, you have to buy a HKD888 standard package from One2Free with a USB modem and a HKD100 prepaid SIM card..
For details about starter package, please visit:

The current rate of exchange is around twelve HK$ to one Pound Sterling, seven-and-a-half for one US Dollar, and ten for a Euro. I might well be taking up the offer.


Those who have had oral presentations accepted will have just received emails from the Congress Secretariat, with particular reference of submitting any PowerPoint presentations by 30 November.

It looks that the organisers intend there to be strict discipline amongst speakers, starting with having to be in place ready to perform fifteen minutes in advance of their scheduled start times. Good luck!


Attached to this email comes a tabulated programme of 111 oral presentations.

Since, I believe, considerably more presentations have been accepted, this is only a partial programme. And, given what happens with all congresses and conferences, this far in advance this must also be regarded as only a provisional programme.

Granting these provisos, and going only on the basis of the titles of the presentations and the names and locations provided, this list alreadyoffers considerable food for thought – both for what/who is there, and who/what is not.

Doubtless, as happened with Susie's enquiry about SIMs for phones and dongles, further illumination will be soon forthcoming.

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