Monday, 15 November 2010

Australian archive video

Quite a surprise

History can be disjunctive. People today may find it hard to believe how Australia was a leader in the early days of the modern movement to extract Conductive Education from Hungary.

A sudden and unexpected reminder of this was published this morning on You Tube, posted by Sare Jarm, now a young woman in her twenties, a video recording of an item from the 7.30 Report on Australian TV.

It's all there – questions that twenty-odd years later remain unresolved, not least in Australia, publicly aired at rather a higher level than you may hear today.

Simon Haskell and Tony Catanese provide a thoughtful academic analysis, parents state their powerful case, desperate attempts to emulate surface aspects of the work seen in in Budapest, extracts from Standing up for Joe, and original footage shot over there especially for this report.

And Sara herself at four years of age, and her parents David and Clair, in Budapest where I first met them.

Did we really look like that in the eighties?

Thank you Sare for posting this. Most salutary (and I do no refer just to the blokes' facial hair).


See Sare, David, Mária Hári and other familiar faces, plus a bloody good commentary, on as item fom 60 Minutes in 1988, also posted by Sara:

What, oh what went wrong in Australia?

Again, thank you so much, Sare. Keep'em coming.

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