Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dotty dots *

The maps have gone loco **

Like several other CE blogs Conductive World uses the MapLoco system, not just to plot the number of visitors to the site, and where they come from, but also to provide a nice-looking visual to head the page.

I have never, however, been all that happy with MapLoco, as it seems consistently to under-report the numbers of visits to the site. This is why I added the Sitemeter, as a check.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed something odd about the map that heads this page – a major increase in the number of dots. Indeed, the numbers have been slowly creeping up over the year – which is gratifying – but this was a big increase.

I have checked on some other CE blogs using the MapLoco system:

All now pock-marked like the face of the moon. Most gratifying all-round. Or is it?

Cross-checking with Sitemeter results suggests that the MapLogo system is hitting about the right order of magnitude for daily hits. MapLoco has now placed its logo in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, confirming that some sort of change is going on. Maybe this involves the way in which results are cumulated – but how, why?

MapLoco is not good at explaining what it does. Does anyone out there have any ideas what is going on?

Meanwhile of course, one can look at these bloggers' maps, and no longer feel so alone!


*      Dotty, Brit. slang = crazy
**    Loco, Amer. slang = crazy


  1. 21.43 UK time. 200 views. 99 places today.

    How is that calculated then. 2-and-a-bit views from each place?

    Puzzles me.

  2. I have no idea. It completely defeats me.

    And there are no instructions!

  3. Actually, I transposed the stats. It was 200 places, 99 views. All the more odd!

  4. I see why you made the error. More 'places' than 'views'? It is totally counter-intuitive and was the first thing that alerted me.

    Cross-checking this morning in SiteMeter, This system, collected on a slightly different basis, gives me 96 'visits' yesterday, and 150 'page views'. Now I am even more confused than ever!

    Susie Mallett says that she thinks that MapLoco is cumulating its dots. But why, and why not explain this? And for how long before it resets to zero? In the meantime, her guess is as good as good as anything.

    At the moment, I am accepting the legend that now appears in the middle of the Pacific Ocean as a health warning: 'map Loco'. But there will have to come a time when I have to accept that it is counter-productive to have a self-proclaimingly lunatic map at the top of my page.

  5. Andrew and Norman,

    This is why I think my map is accumulating the dots:

    "Visitor list updates every 5 minutes. Map updates daily. Visitors shown on map are cumulative (up to 10,000). Views update daily."

    It is what it says underneath my map, and what it has been doing since last Sunday!

    Whatever it will look like with 10,000 dots on I can not imagine!


  6. Norman and Andrew,

    I noticed earlier today that Gill Maguire's dots were looking less dotty and on one of my blogs getting that way too!

    Things seemed to have calmed down just a little bit.

    I have just discovered the following sentences on my "Conductor" blog underneath the map:

    "We switched back to mapping visitors from the past 24 hours. In the near future we will be offering several options regarding how you want visitors displayed on your map!"

    Perhaps things will be getting back to "normal" again soon!

    Less dotty!


  7. Thank you Susie. Sometimes I draw comfort from a certain confidence in the great force for homeostasis (self-righting)in human affairs. It looks like just for once this might be justified here!