Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jobs and services, sales and wants

Sell yourself with video adverts

Do it indirectly

The most recent job advert for a conductor, on CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS, comes from Cashmere High School in Christchurch, New Zealand:

CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS are provided free, by using Facebook technology. If you want to advertise, simply post on the site's wall in the same way as you would to leave a message on any Facebook page.

If you do, and link to your own website, then you will have the usual opportunity to include an illustration from your homepage.

Cashmere High School's recent advertisement includes just such a picture – and this one is in fact a link to the School's promotional video. This link works from CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS too. Try it. You will be taken to a short but very attractive video on the school. It does not include the Conductive Education program, being about the school as a whole, but that is not the issue here. The point here is that videos are a very good way of selling anything, and this one most certainly 'sells' the school. In tough, competitive times, this certainly gives the school an edge.

Are you likely to be advertising on CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS? Do you have a website? Does your website have a link to a video that might help 'sell' you? If you do, then you can link to your own promotional video directly from your advert.

CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET works in the same way, for you to advertise, your sales and wants, courses, books, events, vacancies in CE programs etc.

Or do it directly

Both the JOBS and the MARKET pages look and work like other Facebook pages.

At the top of the page is the space marked 'What's on your mind?'. This is where you will post your advert.

When you click in this space a box will come up beneath it, marked 'Attach' and bearing four symbols. The fourth of these symbols represents a small video camera. Click on this to upload your video...

Now it is up to you how ingenious and innovative you want to be. Shots of the work or the building? A direct, personal statement direct to camera describing what you are advertising? If you do, remember, this does not have to be in English.

Remember too that you can add your own comment on these two Walls, in the usual Facebook way.

Conductive World hopes to report developments

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