Monday, 8 November 2010

New honorary conductors announced by PAI

And social matters

The Pető Institute has announced the new honorary conductors who will be recogniced at the world Congress in Hong Kong in December:–

Preseentation Ceremony for Honorary Conductors
The College Senate of the András Pető Institute of Conductive Education gives the Honorary Conductor Award. It was established in 1990 to recognise the work of non-conductors in the field, which is well known both in the homeland and internationally. Nominations are initiated by leading persons and are submitted to the International Pető Association (IPA) Executive Committee. Final nomination is submitted to the Senate of the András Pető Institute which are authorized to make a final decision about acceptance. The Honorary Conductor Award recipients at the 7th World Congress of Conductive Education, 2010 include (in alphabetical order by last name):  
  • KAN, Chris K. H., Hong Kong
  • MAGUIRE, Gillian, United Kingdom
  • MOZES, Anete, Israel
  • RÁCZ, Katalin, Hungary
  • TAUSCHER FAK, Bettina, Austria
  • WEBER, Karin, Germany
  • YEUNG, Edith Y. S., Hong Kong
As usual, I am a little confused.  The Pető Institute, not the International Peto Association? Who is responsible, for what?

Social arrangements

The same URL gives information on the Congress's two formal social arrangements.

If there are to be further such Congresses, who will be responsible for specifying what aspects of their organisation?

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