Thursday, 11 November 2010

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The academic journal Infants and Young Children is published in the United States and bills itself as 'an interdisciplinary journal of special care'.

The journal ran a special issue on Conductive Education (volume 8, no 1) back in 1995, containing four articles plus a guest editorial, a bit of a curate's egg but a better journal coverage that has been attained in the States since. It is available in full on subscription only but deserves not to be forgotten, not least as the conductive movement in the United States that has generated proportionately so little academic material:

One of these articles, by Marray Goldstein, is available in full at at different site. You may not like it but it represents an influential position in damping down academic interest on CE in the States over the years. Sod's law!

Perhaps of greater comparative interest is an article published five years later in the same journal. Only the Abstract is available, unless you are a subscriber:

This article presents five models of early intervention used in Budapest. The diagnostic and treatment methods invented by professor Katona and colleagues at the Pediatric Institute and the Conductive Education System are internationally known therapies. DSGM therapy and the Gezenguz method have received less recognition so far. The Early Developmental Center uses a combination of methods based on the child and family needs. Early intervention is a diverse enterprise in Hungary, and the programs differ considerably in their philosophies and practices. Although Hungarian intervention methods have achieved outstanding results, there are many problems needing to be solved.

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