Saturday, 6 November 2010

Quangocrat 'surprised'

What planet are such folk from?

Sam Younger, Head Wallah of England's Charity Commission, says that he has been surprised at how few mergers and collaborations were being considered in the charity sector. Quoth he –

One of the things I found surprising coming into the Charity Commission was how few of those asked said they were considering collaboration... a lot of charities are set up by those passionate about the way they do things, and maybe they are not open to collaboration.

He was talking about charities and spending cuts As for his own organisation he said that the Commission would need substantially to change the way it operates in order to deal with funding cuts of more than a quarter off its annual budget. On way of doing so might be to raise the threshhold for investigating complaints against charities, stepping in 'only where considerable amounts of charitable funds are at risk.'

Smaller charities might in future have to rely more on guidance from the Commission’s website 'and receive less bespoke guidance.' Less than now? I can recommend that he tries ringing the Commission witrh a query (without of course revealing who he is) and see what sort of snooty and uncaring brush-off he gets under the present level of service.

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