Thursday, 4 November 2010

Stichting Kids

How many other CE flowers blush unseen? *

How much do I miss? Via Facebook, I recently stumbled upon the Stichting Kids ('Kids Foundation') in Holland, going now for nine years not a thousand miles from where I sit and write this,

The Kids Foundation was started by a group of Dutch parents in 2001. It works with physically disabled children individually and within groups, in school, in kindergarten and in its own our centre, with the aim of providing additional developmental opportunities to further their self-reliance and integration. Its uses Conductive Education, supplemented by complimentary Halliwick swimming.

One hears the big noises. How much else is going on quietly around the world, unseen, unsung, undescribed, uncelebrated?

Stichting Kids
Centrum voor de Conductieve Methode
Elsbeekweg 49 a
7557 CB Hengelo

* Blush unseen?

It seems rather a long time since there was any poetry on Conductive World. So...

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

Thomas Gray's 'Elegy written in a country churchyard' (stanza 14)

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