Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Strange company

What bookshelf to find Pető on

A year or so back I bought myself a mint copy of one of András Pető's two books on Heilung ('healing'). These are the books that almost nobody in Conductive Education seems able to bear mentioning. I bought the book over the Internet, from a specialist book shop in the small town of Wietze, in Lower Saxony, Germany, the country in which it was published, in German, under the pseudonym of Karl Otto Bärnklau.

The bookshop specialises in esoteric materials:


I am sure that no English translation is needed for this for you to get the drift.

The bookshop emailed me today, to offer me the offer the opportunity of purchasing a further book. This book is not by Bärnklau and it is not by Pető, but my previous purchase must suggest that I am a buyer who might like the chance of buying a similar sort of publication. This is some of what I received from Antiquariat Lange, to give a flavour –

Wir haben unseren ersten Titel im Selbstverlag veröffentlicht.
Eine neue exklusive Biographe über den Runenmystiker Karl Maria Wiligut alias "Weisthor":
Hans-Jürgen Lange
Das Licht der schwarzen Sonne. Himmlers Rasputin und seine Erben
Der in der Öffentlichkeit nahezu unbekannte Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946), genannt Weisthor, hatte zwischen 1933 und 1939 einen gewissen Einfluss auf Heinrich Himmler. Diese neue, quellenkritische Biografie über Wiligut/Weisthor und seine „vorgeschichtlichen Forschungen“ enthält viele bisher unbekannte Dokumente, die hier erstmalig publiziert werden, teilweise in Faksimilie-Wiedergabe....
Weitere Informationen, Preise und Bestellmöglichkeit finden Sie hier:
Versandantiquariat Hans-Jürgen Lange

The contents of this email will less self-evident to non-German speakers. It means something as follows:

We have published our first self-published title, an exclusive new biography of the rune-mystic Karl Maria Wiligut, alias 'Weisthor'.
The Light of the Black Sun. Himmler's Rasputin and his heirs
by Hans-Jürgen Lange
Wiligut Karl Maria (1866-1946), known as 'Weisthor' was virtually unknown in public but between 1933 and 1939 he had a certain influence on Heinrich Himmler. This new source of critical biography of Wiligut/Weisthor and his 'prehistoric researches' contains many previously unknown documents, published here for the first time, some in facsimile reproduction....
For more information, prices and ordering information can be found here:

Versandantiquariat Hans-Jürgen Lange

I bring this to attention here to remind readers of Conductive World that András Pető (under whatever name) fitted easily into a conceptual universe far removed from the one that English-speakers today might expect.

I am, not, by the way, suggesting that he was a Nazi.

Coincidentgally, the book is written and self-published by the proprietor of the bookshop – very twenty-first century. I have spent a lot of the last few days with Elliot Clifton and Gill Maguire finalising two self-published books on Conductive Education, to be ready in time for the World Congress, and I know of another one racing neck and neck with our own. We shall all have to follow Herr Lange's example and market vigorously.

I do hope that others in Conductive Education take up this liberating technology.

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