Wednesday, 10 November 2010

World Congress: lots

Lots of translation
Lots of people
And more

I learn that there will be simultaneous Mandarin-English or English-Mandarin translation, whichever is appropriate, at the forthcoming World CE Congress, not just at plenary sessions but in all the parallel sessions too.

This is a pretty remarkable achievement on the part of SAHK and will enormously magnify the power of the Congress to achieve its stated aim: 'East meets West'.

The last deadline?

SAHK reports –

We are pleased to report that the number of registration to the 7th World Congress is approaching 440. Due to the capacity limit of the venues, we are reluctant but inevitable to set a closing date for registration on 19 Nov 2010 (Fri). Interested parties should grab hold of this last-minute opportunity by clicking ‘Registration’ to join this, one of the most well-attended congresses in CE history.

Attendance ata have not been publicly reported for previous World CE Congresses, as far as I know, so categorical comparison is not possible.

I gather that late bookings are still coming in, mainly from from Mainland China.

Further information

Ivan Su further writes –

There will be 7 plenary lectures and 2 plenary discussions with 17 speakers (4 local, 3 China, 10 overseas). The 101 oral presentations will be organized into 13 parallel sessions including 3 symposia and 10 'themed' free-paper sessions.... Concurrently, there will be 2 local sessions on each morning hosted by our staff and users and conducted in Cantonese with NO simulataneous interpretation provided.  They are free and targeted at our own clients and their families.
The 65 posters will be organized into 6 presentation sessions during tea breaks and lunch.  Each session will have 10-11 posters with their authors standing besides their posters for interacting with their readers.  Stand-by presentation by the authors at non-designated sessions are also welcome.
With the count-down machine activated, days are getting more exciting with the Congress approaching.  We've reserved a room at the Empire-Wanchai as Help Desk for round-the-clock support to the Congress guests and presenters...

Free sessions for the locals is a nice touch. I have not come across that before at a CE event – well worth consideration by others in the future, both for awareness and good will.


  1. Looks good.
    Almost excited - but I've a grant application to write first. Excitement must wait.

  2. I seem to remember that at the very first World Congress, in Budapest, there was free admission for all students, perhaps also for conductors, but that I do not know.

    As a student it was a busy time for me chasing to the venue in the time between lectures and shifts in the group, to catch as much as I could of the presentations.

    I think that even some lectures were cancelled and we were advised to go to the Congress presentations instead.

    It was a long time ago, early nineteen nineties, so my memories may not be reliable!!

    Although I could probably find the notes that I wrote while there somewhere in a document box on top of the wardrobe.