Friday, 8 July 2011

Don't mess with Professor Owl!

Not as cuddly as might seem

Earlier this morning I posted a couple of items on my Facebook page:

The second of these commented upon an entry on CE in today's edition of an online newsletter Professor Owl's Book Corner. Here is what I wrote on Facebook –

'CE uses the principles of neuroplasticity, combining elements of rehabilitation and education to help children and adults with neuro-motor disabilities improve mobility and self-confidence'
Do children in Canada really understand this stuff?
Those who don't will not be misled.

Ah, these professors and neuromythologists. Is no audience safe? 

It is a wonderful idea that children, disabled or otherwise, should be introduced to fresh, humane, conductive ideas about disability. After all, those living their own childhoods' developmental process might be more open to grasping this than are many at life's later stages (witness some of the brothers and sisters of children who have been brought up conductively). This would seem to sit well with Professor Owl's mission –

The mission of Professor Owl’s Book Corner is to provide specialized information to children and adults with special needs, chronic illness and learning challenges.

Free comment

A little later this morning, I decided to modify slightly the wording of my Facebook comment, as I sometimes do. I deleted the original comment, made my change ('Ontario' to 'Canada', as in the version reproduced above) and tried to post the amended version.

And Facebook consistently refuses to accept it! It takes test items that I offer but will not even accept the plain unvarnished URL of Professor Owl's perspective on CE. Without explanation, Facebook informs me –

The message could not be posted to this Wall.

The workings of Facebook are a continuing mystery to me. Have I been blocked, 'reported' whatever? I can see nothing in what I wrote to offend anyone other than biological reductionists (who may be evolutionarily programmed to take offence anyway!)

Oh well, waste not want not. I shall now see whether Facebook will permit me to publish a link on to this posting on Conductive Word.


  1. Phew, it works!

    But Facebook still refuses to let me to post Prof. Owl's URL in the box marked 'What's on your mind?'


    Beats me!

  2. I know how you must feel about what you experienced on Facebook as I have also tried to click on the like button under your previous posting of PROGRESSIVE IDEAS Or are they? It just wouldn’t accept it.

  3. Then maybe it is just Facebook's playing up (but please don't spoil a good bout of paranoia!)

  4. The source of your problem might be that Facebook recognises something wrong with the URL itself.

    When I click on the link or copy and paste it to into the browser, a "Page Not Found" error message is returned from Prof Owl's web site.

    A link that I can get to work is:

    However, the source of Prof Owl's "CE uses the principles of neuroplasticity ..." would appear to be March of Dimes

  5. Andrew, I think Norman is right as the link in your blog did not work for me either. Only half of it is live.

    Now with Norman's link I have found the article that you are referring to.
    Thanks Norman.