Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hardly sitting on a goldmine

Any old iron? *

For anyone who has a webpage or blog, here is a possibly interesting diversion:


I do not know what this is based upon, or how valid what it does, but according to its calculations, Conductive World can be valued at £2,382.10.


Now that I know the estimated value of my product then, if onlyI could estimate the number of hours that I have allowed myslf to sink into this, I could also calculate the cash value of my labour. Not a lot, I guess.

Emma Chissit ? (Aus.)

What is your center's site worth, or your blog? Just type in its URL to find out, and then make of it as you wish!

Somebody enterprising could now survey property values across the virtual CE world, and produce yet another local variant of the game of Monopoly. Probably no fortune to be made there either (especially considwering the potentially significant loss from the inevitable legal action the makers of Monopoly for passing-off).

I note, by the way, that blogs are relatively well priced in comparison with static sites. What can such calculations be based upon? Might there be important underlying facts here?

I also wondered how much my Facebook presence might be worth in comparison, so I typed in:


Unfortunately, I find, the system does not work for individual Facebook pages, returning instead an estimate for Facebook as a whole: £3.55 billion'

I doubt that either site, mine or Mark Zuckerberg's, would easily find buyers, for rather different reasons.
* British music hall song


  1. Andrew,

    Do you really think that this is a valuation for selling your blog?

    Could it not be that they are finding out the value, not for actually selling the blogs, but in relation to how much income you could make on a blog from advertising and linking to other sites. This seems more likely to be the case to me.


  2. I suspect that you are worldlier than I in such matters. Most folk are. I have been back to the site and can find no explanation whatsoever.

    If you are right, then presumably that potential income would be annual.

    Whatever the supposed cash values, however,far more interesting would be the parameters on which they are calculated. Even so, the single cash sum that results may still say something about ranking different web presences within CE.