Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Markers along the way

(I do not like birthdays)

Conductive World first posted on 4 October 2008. This blog is therefore four years old today – and four years is a long time in Conductive Education, as in everything else nowadays.

The first posting was entitled 'Why me, why now, why this topic?


Much water under since then... including an attempt a year ago to escape from blogging altogether. Here, as in all things, I must try harder. At least Facebook now offers instant relief:


Other arbitrary markers (making the statistic)
  • This will be posting number 1,403
  • Total page views stand now at 102,360 .
  • Pages viewed per day currently average at over a hundred, not much compared to many blogs out there in the big wide world, but quite a few for the little world of Conductive Education.
  • Total comments to date have been 1,525. I am sure that there would be more were Blogger not such a comment-unfriendly system.
  • Time spent on site per visit usually averages between one-and-a-half and two-and-a-quarter minutes
  • Pages have been viewed most frequently from the United States, followed (in descending order) by Russia, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, China, Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden. If I had any expectations, then I should likely be surpised at this.
  • All this has earned me not a penny.
Some things that I do not know
  • I have very little idea who reads this blog – or what its readers think of it.
  • I suspect that there is a hard core of usual suspects amongst its readership, but do no know how big this is or who they are.
  • I notify all new postings on Facebook but the bulk of daily hits does not come from these new items.
  • I do know that any mention of jobs for conductors guaruntees a flurry of hits.
  • Most hits involve the 'back list' of more that fifteen-hundred already published items, but whether these are mainly chance hits, whether people use Condctive World 'encyclopaedically', or what – again, I have no idea.
  • Hardly any CE centres worldwide refer to Conductive World in their 'CE links' listings – I used to wonder why this should be. I no longer do.
  • I do not know what to make of those by-country-of-visit figures above.
  • I cannot guess how many words all this blogging over four years all adds up too, how many postings are actually read, understood, agreed with, liked, hated. Or whether any of it has the slightest effect whatsoever!
  • Truely it is written, bloggers do it for themselves.


  1. Congrats for being updating this place so enthusiastic day afeter day...

  2. Yes Andrew, we bloggers do indeed blog for ourselves.

    Only we can answer for ourselves the questions that you asked in your first posting "Why me, why now, why this topic?"

    But isn't it nice when, quite out of the blue, someone tells us that they enjoy reading what we write.

    I have enjoyed reading what you write.

    I believe that I can honestly say that I have read all of your blog postings at least once.

    Yes, I must admit that sometimes it takes me two or three readings to understand what you say, but there are times too when I read it more than once just because I have enjoyed it so much.

    Please do not try too much harder to escape from blogging. I look forward to reading a posting or two more from you over the next four years!

    Happy Birthday Blog!


  3. Inshallah, as the Muslims say.


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