Friday, 28 October 2011

A note to regular readers

A bit of a glitch

Conductive World’s little old computer looks like it has been finally flogged to death. There merely remains to find somebody to extract all its data from it, and to buy a new one.

All of this will take time... and money. Not much of either around.

In the meantime, contact with the world outside will be maintained via Blackberry and an Internet cafe, neither satisfactory. Emails can still be received and answered via

A quiet time?

The world of Conductive Education, at least as is indexed by what is appearing in Cyberspace, has gone eerily quiet. Just one of those temporary things, or reflecting a more terrible hush inspired by the Eurocrash and everyone’s awareness of the shakiness of the temporary solution to this? We shall see.

In the meantime. Conductive World will still find just about enough on-line time to slip the occasional item that emerges on to its Facebook page:

Longer-term projects

Two imminent events from Conductive Education Press:
  • publish the ‘Hong Kong book’ (in a week or so)
  • bring to press the awaited ‘Pető book’ (before Christmas, we hope)
These should not be affected by the current glitch.

Nor should a long-term programme of putting archive documents on line, plus one final obligation to discharge over the Hong Kong congress.

The may just even be the occasional posting on this blog. Keep an eye out.

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