Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I fear the Greeks

So should we all. The foundering life-raft being patched together by the European ‘leaders’ to keep our economies afloat for a little bit longer, presumably in the hope that something will turn up, anything, was in a sorry enough state yesterday with the Chinese not surprisingly declining the pleasure of helping pay for it. And now at last somebody has got round to asking the Greeks what they think of it all – and their answer could well be the last straw for the present world economic order and its hoped for salvation.

Where might that leave us all? For the moment, most people are doing and planning whatever they were expecting to be doing or planning anyway – except that ‘most people’ covers an ever-shrinking proportion of our populations.

How robust are your plans for 2012?

I say, I say, I say...

What’s a Greek urn?

I don’t know... Do tell me, what's a Greek urn?

What's a Greek urn? About ten drachmas an hour?

Boom, boom!

Who’s laughing?


  1. Andrew,

    The Greeks were the subject of discussion during tea-break in the MS group today. It appears that you are not the only one to fear the Greeks!

    There was quite a bit of fear of the drachma too!


  2. May be they will feell happier about it all if they end up getting the Deutch Mark back.Perhaps not.
    I guess that I should not be getting many to the pound if they do.
    More immediately and more fundamentally I hope that the Greeks make it and manage to hold in there, on he basis of their own free plebiscite. Remeber the word 'Balkans'. Europe has so much to fear...

  3. It is really all rather pivotal, isn't it? I am putting a positive and optimistic slant on daily events.

    Today I think of Leonidas and his little band of chaps at Thermopylae. I just hope that this present lot are not betrayed from amongst their number...