Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Children, charity, homelessness

One of the things that András Pető did, allegedly, to eke himself a living when he was in straits in Austria, was to write essays and other course work.

I have received a press release. It comes from All Answers, an essay-writing service based in Nottingham, England. Also on Nottingham is a ‘school for parents’ cast out by the national charity Scope and soon to become homeless unless it finds £50,000.

The essayists are appealing to help towards this immediate ash injection.

The essay-writing trade goes back a long way, long long before András Pető found himself short in pre-war Vienna. Given immanent general austerity, I wonder what it pays. I see that the company offers bespoke dissertations too. A possible way to escape fuel poverty this winter!

If only there were a market! Whowasnts essays on CE?

Buying in
Has anyone out there (in any country) ever used such a service within the Conductive Education sector? I should love to see the sort of stuff that people get for their money?

No suggestion of plagiarism of course.

But seriously folks, if there were ever a need for reasonable and non-misleading copy, Conductive Education demonstrates it wall to wall. I wish that I had sixpence for every error that I read on the websites of CE centres and centers!

Never mind the students, maybe these institutions ought to be buying themselves some help!

(Not from me, please)


All Answers (2011) Festive fundraising for local children’s charity ticks all the boxes (press release, no specific date), Nottingham, UK Essays

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