Wednesday, 21 December 2011


What’s the weather been like this last month?

A month ago Conductive World mistakenly posted an announcement of the first day of winter:
The error was in the formal date for the start of the new season, and due apology was made:
The point had not been so much to mark the turn of the season, however, but to record the growing chill in the economic climate. As for my formal error, I wrote:
I do not think that this makes any substantive difference to the argument of what I blogged this morning. I wonder whether things will read differently on the real first day on winter, in a month's time. 
Well, the month’s up. Meteorologically, in our part of Europe anyway, the weather has brought a surprisingly protracted warm spell, then a short, sharp cold snap, and now it is mild again. On the economic front, though, the climate has just got steadily gloomier and gloomier, chiller and chiller.

The high point, for us Brits anyway, was not joining something along with the rest of Europe – something of which I suspect I have no greater understanding than have most 0f my fellow citizens, including likely our ‘leaders’. Whether this turn of events will prove for good or ill we migfht all might be able better to judge after the event, perhaps. What event? I have no idea – nor does anyone else. 

So, not much change there, then. 

Today, I hear that the European Central Bank is making nearly half a billion Euros available for Eurobanks to borrow – and they have rushed to avail themselves of the facility. They desperately need the money, I am told, so that they can afford to borrow from each other. Without this, they would go bust.

I do not understand any of this this either, or its likely outcome. As with everything else, I doubt that the people actually in charge of it all really do either.  The phrase ‘end in tears’ comes to mind…

Forgive me for doubting that any of this will be to my ultimate benefit.

Or yours.

It looks like being a very long, hard economic winter… 

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