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At Christmas...

There are still many, many around the world who think that Co0nductive Education is 'closed' over the great Christmas shut-down. For many who work within the sector this is undoubtedly true, and some have have been already 'off' for a week or so, with at least a week more to go before they are 'back'. And for many of those their clients, this may be similarly the case too.

But at the heart of Conductive Education, and the conductive movement, stand the truly conductive families and conductive individuals, for whom Christmas Day, any public holidays, or indeed any eventuality or any activity whatsoever, is as conductive as all others. Now lives lived like that would offer an excellent index of the real spread and impact of Conductive Education.

As for all the rest, I can only wish with Wizzard:

Autres pays, autres choses

Let us not be culturally insensitive. CE in the 'West;' might be institutionally paralysed by Christmas, The 'East' is not. A two-day CE mega-conference begins in Guangzhou the day after tomorrow, organised by the China Disabled Persons' Federation, followed by a four-day programme of visits.

The conference is called 'Yangtze Children with cerebral palsy, rehabilitation and disability-prevention. Summary results of the Conductive Education technique'.

There will be at least thirty organisations represented there from the Mainland, plus three from Hong Kong, with over 350 participants in all. That's quite a bash.

Western participation

Conductor Éva Szabó from the Pető Institute will be presenting, as will Rony Schenker from Tsad Kadima. I do not know yet Éva's topic but Rony will be speaking for an hour to the title 'A step forward to inclusion – an applicable model for the inclusion of children with cerebral palsy into the general education system, community and society'.

Conductor Susie Mallett has had a book published in Mandarin and Sahk is presenting all delegates with a free copy in their conference packs:

And SAHK is displaying copies of my own just-publishwd Last Year in Hong Kong, so I am there in spirit, sort of:

I do not know what other windows to the West will be open there.

I do hope that some report(s) of what happen there might soon be available to out outsiders. Meanwhile, a quick glimpse into China, from last year:

A little more information for the moment

Organizer            China Disabled Persons' Federation
Title of the event  长江脑瘫儿童康复与残疾预防项目
                          成果总结研讨会暨引 导式教育技术交流活动
Sponsor             Cheung Kong New Milestone Plan
                          Project on Rehabilitation for Children with Cerebral Palsy

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