Sunday, 15 January 2012


Where best to post them?

When CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS and CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET were first set up on Facebook the idea was that they should serve distinct functions:
CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS has been created in response to the growing demand for a Conductive Education jobs service. Advertisement on this site is FREE
CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET has been created to facilitate the exchange of services and products, between individuals and institutions, gratis or for payment, within the world of Conductive Education
In other words, the first was established to advertise people (not just conductors, other people work in CE too), the second to advertise goods or products.

In the event there have been relatively few adverts for products most of the jobs advertised have been for conductors. Further, both sites have served as public spaces where visitors can meet their friends and comment on what they see displayed there. I know too that quite a few visitors just lurk quietly, watching what is going on and seeing who is up to what, with whom and where...

Increasingly, advertisers have been advertising jobs for conductors in the Market instead of, or as well as, in the Job Centre.

Let it be

Ah well, it is a casbah out there and, if that's what the punters want, that's what they shall have. For the moment both resources will remain open in their present form, separate but overlapping in how they are used, and we shall see what evolves. Given what has happened so far it seems fruitless to think of creating a   facility for classified ads!

After a slow period towards the end of 2011 there is now the annual New Year's burst of activity in the jobs market that enables the world of Conductive Education in its present form. Along the way this shows something of the wide range of settings in which conductors work. 

And very soon the new intake of fresh, newly trained conductors will be coming on line to join the throng.

To advertise for what you would like, or what you have to offer, visit either or both of the following:

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