Monday, 16 January 2012


Irritating interruption of dialogue

Google Alerts has sent out a worldwide notification, as it does, that a new reader's Comment has been published on Conductive World.

Unfortunately, this Comment does not show on Conductive World itself! It beats me what has gone wrong and I can find no way to fix it.

So here is Google's Alert anyway –
Steven has left a new comment on your post "ADULT LITERATURE": 

Dr. Sutton,
I apologize if my initial comments elicited a negative response from you, I didn't mean to have any sort of negative connotation to the post (at least, that's what I'm gathering from the word "curmudgeonly").
Apologies if I was in error regarding the paediatricians visit, and not researchers. It is a shame that the PAI did what it did to appear as a solution to motor disability, I still wonder how things would change if the BMJ article from years past was more positive...
But the more I think about it, as you suggested, if that visit really was just a drop in the pond, then things may just remain the same.
Regarding to the "hard evidence" I was talking about, here's the link of the article I had read. 
It's not as "hard" as I remembered it, but I think this is definitely a potential step in the right direction for research in CE (or at least CE's future). Neuroplasticity, I believe, has become increasingly accepted in the scientific community, and the more research done on it, in relation to diseases CE works with, the better.
About the cards comment: I remember Mel saying that, when Michael J. Fox revealed he had Parkinson's, the disease became huge. Celebrities do have power over the public, after all. While the fervor surrounding Parkinson's has slowed down (which things do with the public eye, of course), PD has become ingrained in the public mind. 
My statements forthwith will undoubtedly be read as crude, I know they are. I don't like it myself, but...
If CE had its own "celebrity" of some sort, then I think CE could also become ingrained with the public consciousness as PT and OT are for rehabilitation (I know we're not quite rehab, but what other example can I use?). I do not wish anyone to have to suffer any sort of debilitating disease of any kind, much less take on the public stage as a patron of CE, but this sort of action might be what is needed. Word of mouth can be strong and has been of huge benefit, but I think CE must pursue all avenues to grow.
Posted by Steven to CONDUCTIVE WORLD at Sunday, 15 January 2012 15:29:00 GMT
I shall also add this to its relevant place in the thread following of the original posting:

I can but hope that there are not others. Please let me know if there are.

Apologies to Steven for the delay in posting his thoughtful response, and to anyone else inconvenienced. I shall respond to this one as soon as I can.

And please don't call me 'Dr.' I get curmudgeonly about that too!


  1. Looking forward to the response...


    Sorry, I couldn't resist the "foreboding" format!

  2. Fret not about 'curmudgeonly'. I don't need the help of others to be that way...

    As for those paediatricians all those years ago, one of the great contrasts of life is between how important things appear at the time (especially things that personally concern us and, above all, those that we are actively involved in) and how they appear in retrospect and/or from outside. What seems a big deal this week will soon be lost in the mists of time! On the other hand, things do change, and there may be human agency in this, even the working out of human purpose. The trick is to sort the wheat from the chaff – and to burn off as little energy as possible in chaff-chasing! What a trick to be able to pull off consistently, in CE as in anything!

    Sorry, 'hard evidence' of what? You offer an effect demonstrated, justifying at least a replication. Maybe a bit of a hypothesis-raiser, perhaps a little heuristic, especially if demonstrated consistently. But as far as pedagogy/upbringing are concerned, so what? What possible effect might this have for the future or even present of psycho-social processes? I am not denying that there may conceivably be such an effect, just asking what it might possibly be in respect either of normal human functioning or in the preence of disease or damage.

    'Neuroplasticity' has been known of for yonks and I doubt has ever had any problem being 'accepted'. So, for much, much longer have teaching and learning, upbringing and education. The Nobels will be handed out if/when anyone manages clearly to demonstrate practical links between the two. I doubt that you or I will live to see this and there is no a priori reason to expect that anyone ever will. Meanwhile, CE has enough on its hands if it sensibly joins the struggle for creation and acceptance of a proper pedagogical science.

    'Scientific community'? Who they?

    Celebrities... Rosemary Clooney and Vera Lynne have done a lot for their specific CE centres in the UK and maybe there are other, less documented examples. In other countries no doubt too. And yes, M. J. Fox did a lot for PD, and Superman (sorry, cannot recall actor's name) did a lot for high spinal-cord injury – both dead now, I think, and what they did has passed. I doubt that awareness of PD really owes that much to one foreign actor, rather than to all the other human experience and propagandising, and PR, that has been going on over the years.

    But CE is a cause, and idea, a philosophy. I cannot recall successful celebrity involvement in such. I may be wrong and would be pleased to hear of exceptions. And does the persisting existence of physio or OT to reflect the effects of celebrity sparkle, or what?

    Of course let CE (what that?) take on all avenues (remembering that celebrity endorsement may be a two-way process, with two-way benefits, not necessarily all flowing to the 'beneficiary'). As you say, somebody has to live to experience CE, and it may as well be somebody public and adulated as all the rest of us. Dream Ticket? A Royal One. Or does such a thought fall under the category of what you consider as 'crude'. I do not.