Friday, 20 January 2012


The triumph of Newspeak

Two items from yesterday's public discourse around 'special educational needs' in England.

From Full Fact, a body aiming to 'promote accuracy in public debate' –
...two thirds of juveniles found guilty of offences during the riots [in August] were classified as SEN, which is some way above the national rate of 21 per cent.

From a Press Release by the Department of Education –
...multi-disciplinary support to the Special Educational Needs Green Paper Pathfinder Programme...which aims to improve the lives of some of the most deserving members of society...

So what percentage of' 'rioters' are some of the most deserving in society, or what percentage of the most deserving might riot?

And where in any of this is hint of recognition that words and expressions that have no material meaning are no basis for statistical analysis ('Rubbish in, rubbish out') and for policies to structure social provisions?

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