Thursday, 19 January 2012


Is such bespoke fraud really legal?
What a sad trade

I have just received an email from UKEssays –

Secure your future with your student loan
By using your loan the smart way
Don't waste your student loan on expensive books that contain only a small fraction of the information you need. Use your student loan in a way that is more efficient, that will boost your grades and help secure your future.
Here's how to do it...
It's easy. Simply order a custom essay from UKEssays.
All you do is tell us your essay question and we’ll send you a model answer that is 100% original to you and your specifications, making it more relevant than any book you’ll buy!
Our writers are fully qualified in just about every subject including business, law, management and many many more!
Simply use your custom essay to create your own winning version, that will get you the grades you need to help secure your future.
So use your student loan wisely...
Order your custom essay now by completing our order form or get a free quote.

On-line application

If you do wish to join this set, then action is but a click away:


Best possible advice

Don't even think of it!

Not for the first time of mentioning...

And if you missed the allusion to presidents

How can one expect vulnerable groups, like politicians, presidents and foreign ministers, to behave honourably when even ordinary citizens are openly circulated offers like this?

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