Tuesday, 7 February 2012


All quiet all round?

Four days ago Rony Schenker posted an extensive report on what she found on her recent visit to China:

Should one be surprised that this has prompted no written comment?

I am sure that the proverbial Little Green Man from Mars would be. So might many of CE's paying customers who perhaps believe that they are engaging a 'professional' service. So might a lot of others since, by any measure this concerns what is surely a matter of greater importance to the future of Conductive Education than anything since Standing up for Joe first let the cat out of the bag, and then the fall of the Iron Curtain dispensed with the bag.

No, I had not been expecting otherwise and I was not surprised.

Why should this be?

Yes, of course people are very busy and there may always be more pressing things to do than read things on the Internet, discuss them with one's fellows, and commit something to print in response. 'Reflective practice can sound such a leisured persuit!

Maybe the quiet  is down to something else, commonly met in Conductive Education, (and hardly unique to this field): the tendency to turn away or even to run away when faced with anything 'big'. And you do not find much bigger than China. In that case, as my university contemporary Spencer Davies (nearly fifty years ago!) used to sing: 'Keep on running'.

Or maybe it is a factor of the times. For the last couple of weeks the whole CE Internet has fallen very, very silent, by any index. Is this just chance variation? Or does it reflect the generally hostile weather in the Northern Hemisphere (though no seasonal effect was apparent this time last year)? Or is it sign of major preoccupations of another kind, matters closer to home, and closer to now, that are concentrating minds on more proximal matters?


Schenker, R.(2012) (Middle) East meets (Far) East: a visit report. The Conductive Post, 4 February

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  1. Sadly I am experiencing the same with ConductorConnect - many have joined but no one is saying anything.