Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Even Google News running dry?

Subjectively I have been increasingly aware that Conductive Education is making very little news nowadays, anywhere in the world. And musg of what there is tends to be to do with CE's perennial hunt for finance. Gill Maguire who publishes a monthly CE media round-up is of the same impression.

Even so, it was a bit of a shock yesterday to notice a sort of objective corroboration.

Google News

My subscription to Google News includes the English phrase “conductive education”. This means that Google emails me every time that it spots this phrase appearing in the world print media. Time was when that brought in a at least a hit a day. Subscription is free, and I can always check on what has been happening by clicking on News on Google's home page and entering “conductive education” and yesterday. Easily done. Try it.

I have been getting fewer and fewer of these emails over the last month or two. Yesterday, having been laid low for a couple of days by the dreaded lurgy, I checked Google News and found only three news items on CE recorded there over the last month:
  • a local TV report from the US yesterday)
  • a Scottish child off to Budapest (13 Feb)
  • a local bridge tournament to raise funds (26 Jan)
Google is not all-knowing, and this goes as much for its coverage of news as everything else. Gill Maguire often picks up things that Google misses. All the same this is telling. There used to be two or three pages of results for the same time-span.

Well what about it?

Today is North American CE Awareness day. One might have expected Google to have picked up more from this. (By the way, I also checked the US edition. This was a little fuller, but not reassuringly so.)

One must hope that this is no more than a temporary glitch in the computerised service.

On the other hand, one should also perhaps be wondering whether the world of Conductive Education is beginning to run on empty with respect for something newsworthy to say, or even for the mechanisms to say it.

A new era? This could have its good features as well as its bad...


Google News

Maguire, G. (2012) Internet News, January 2012, Conductive Education Information, 3 February

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* I should of course prefer to be asking on the Realto, but needs must...


  1. Just a glitch? This morning' UK Google News records nine items, stretching back to 4 February. One of these is the Michigan TV report on US awareness, one is a story in Turkish about a special school in North Cyprus trying to do CE (without conductors). The other seven are parish-pump fundraising reports from England.

    So everything is all right then in the best of all possible worlds. Isn't it?

  2. And, ahem, I don't get to Venice at all nowadays, otherwise I might just have remembered how to spell Rialto!