Saturday, 11 February 2012


Advocate of home births jailed and suspended

Nearly two years ago Conductive World reported the hounding of Dr Agnes Gereb over her advocacy of home births, though concluding with uncharacteristic optimism –
Good luck to every one in sorting it out this matter in a civilised manner for the benefit of mothers and babies, be this in the quainter parts of Central/Eastern Europe or in the US of A.
My primary concern in writing this posting was to paint in a little of the social background out of which so much of of Conductive Education springs.
Perhaps I should do this more often.
Dr Galeb has now been sentenced to two years in prison, and been barred from from medical practice for ten years.


– (2012) Hungarian doctor, home birth advocate, loses appeal of 2-year prison term for malpractice, Chicago Tribune, 10 February,0,6751868.story

Sutton, A. (2o10) Intrusive medicalisation of childbirth: a continuing Hungarian tradition, Conductive World, 18 March

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