Friday, 10 February 2012


Diminishing state fees put operations at risk

The Bobath Centre Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy, founded in North London by Berta and Karel Bobath, is reported to be experiencing serious financial problems.

The Bobath method approach has been widely used by therapists around the world, particularly physiotherapists, and has given rise to NDT – neuro-developmental therapy. The original Bobath Centre has remained primarily charitably funded, though running a mixed economy in that it has been part reliant upon state income through fees for treatment of individual cases.

Numbers of children attending (and the income that they bring to the Centre) have fallen drastically and further cut-backs may have to be made next year, including staff redundancies, even though only last month enhanced training facilities for students on training courses were opened, funded by charitable donations.

The state sector's cut-back of fees to outside agencies as part of general economic restraint has contributed to the centre's current financial situation.

he Centre is making an urgent public appeal for funds to tide it over till better times.

There are also separate Bobath Centres in Wales and in Scotland

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