Friday, 30 March 2012


Alien to Anglophones and Germanophones
(And to some of the other phones too)

I have just read the latest posting from the blog of the parents' group at La Famille in Brussels. I can just about hold on tight and not fall off the argument as I follow it. Almost.

Their position involves the inter-knitting mutually reacting relationship of movement and communication (verbal and non-verbal), and emotional being, within the nexus of developing family relationships.

Very Gallic thinking. I thought at once of Henri Wallon (struggling with whose work I often lost my theoretical grip altogether and fell right off).

Europe, Schmeurope. Especially if Francophone positions are not accommodated and accounted.


(2012) Communication et développement au sein de la pédagogie conductive, Les Parents et la Pédagogie Conductive, 13 March

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