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Debate in and around Conductive Education

Later this week I am off to Rosenheim in Bavaria, to the two-day biennial national bash of what in German they call Konduktive Förderung – or just plain 'Petö' – i.e. what, just as confusingly, English-speakers usually refer to as Conductive Education. The conference is provocatively titled 'Petö and Inclusion'. Both halves of this coupling are enough to create excitement and disagreement in themselves: bringing the two together even more so. I do hope that this will prove a lively and stimulating occasion.

Oh, I do hope so. Despite the considerable unresolved conflicts in and around Conductive Education (or Konduktive Förderung, or 'Petö' or whatever it is called in umpteen different languages nowadays), there are few if any public debates about anything in or around the field.

I was reminded about this today, by an email received from Rony Schenker –

The only published comment on my recent post'(Middle) East meets (Far) East', was that of Norman Perrin, who asked me "What does 'rehabilitation' mean for you?'

My answer was the following: 'For me rehabilitation is a mode of segregated ‘fixing’ service-delivery, derived from the medical model, and based on outcomes in which the child is perceived as a puzzle, whose different parts are divided between different professionals, where at best, the pieces may perfectly fit but the whole picture does not make any sense.'

This reply, however, did not evoke any other comments. But... I'm still curious to hear others' opinions on what rehabilitation meana.

Maybe if published on your Blog, Andrew it will. Maybe not.

Well, Rony, here it is as requested. There can hardly be bigger questions in the world today than those posed by China – and lil' ole CE is not to be spared in this respect. As for your second point, there are those who advocate the term 'conductive rehabilitation'. You hardly make this sound an attractive proposition.

I do wonder, however, whether my requested intervention will prompt the debates around either issue that you would like to see.

Still, we live in hope.

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Rony's report on China, along with her challenge over 'rehabilitation', can be read and replied to at:

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