Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Latest edition of NZFCE's Newsletter

Dave Ching of the New Zealand Foundation of Conductive Education has just mailed a copy of the Foundation's latest Newsletter (March 2012). Hard copies will be posted to subscribers on Thursday. The Internet edition is already freely available on line:


I am not altogether sure, but I think that the NZFCE's quarterly is the only 'proper' newsletter currently being produced by a CE organisation anywhere in the world. As ever, corrections please if I am wrong.

News of general interest includes that the Foundation's robustly pinning its inclusion colours to a particular model of in-school service, and that the New Zealand Conductors' Association has published a document titled New Conductors Welcome Information. In both respects New Zealand offers a model of rational good practice that CE in most countries would be hard put to catch up with.

The population of New Zealand is less than 4.5 million. The Newsletter reports –

A recent survey of all Conductive Education facilities affiliated to NZFCE revealed that 150 children are accessing the programme throughout the nine NZ based facilities. The ages of participants range from 6 months to age 20.... In Christchurch a group of parents are presently negotiating... possibility of the establishment of an adults’ centre... The survey also established that at present there are eighteen conductors working in the child-centred facilities, plus two in the adult centre at Henderson.
The Foundation's new strategic plan will be presented to members at the AGM in May. Also in May will be the Foundation's annual awareness week.

The Newsletter concludes with a round-up of news from around the centres, and a useful contact list.

How do they do it? What is Ingredient x?

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