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On Wednesday 7 March, I posted 

A widely to-be-adopted precedent, I hope

Last night I received a request from one of the parent-organisers of this week's German conference, to complete a waiver for the conference's future use of my contribution –

Statement for Speakers
Please mark with a cross and fill in:
     I am in agreement:
That photos of myself can be published:    yes/no
That my congress contribution can be filmed and may be published on the Internet:   yes/no 
I ask the organizer to make photos available
The organizer may use my file(s) for convention documentation 

I will hand in a contribution of my own for the documentation by the end of March 2012

The organizer may report about my contribution
Any other:

I do not usually like filling in forms. At this one I rejoice, for it betokens a 'real' conference. I have ticked Yes to everything, adding that I reserve the moral rights to my own contribution. I look forward to seeing what will come of this, following the conference
  1. This is good news indeed. So many presentations and reports of Conductive Education don't reach out to everyone and this could mean a wider distribution of information and knowledge. Just what the Conductive Education needs! I will look forward to seeing material up on the Internet and linking it to my virtual catalogue on Conduction's website.
  2. This is very welcome news. Actually it is common practise in Germany in all centres that work with children to distribute similar forms to families and adult clients and sometimes to staff as well. I welcome the fact that this is now spreading to include people taking part in such conferences.

    This may mean an end to shocks like the one that I received when I arrived at a conference a couple of years ago to find photographs of myself at work printed in a flyer that was distributed to all the delegates in their folders!

    I had absolutely no idea that the photographs had been taken, had not been asked my opinion on their content, and had never been asked about their use to illustrate a flyer.

    Such practise can not continue in this time of widespread internet use and I am very pleased to see that this conference continues to show how professionally it has been organised.

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