Monday, 16 April 2012


Increasing access

As mentioned on Sunday's Conductive World, last Thursday had me looking at three of András Pető's original documents. These had been typed up, in Hungarian, in the nineteen-fifties, and run off (cyclostyled) by the College of Special Education in Budapest for use by its students. The paper on which they were written had not been of the best of quality even when new, Now, discoloured by age and ink acid, it is getting rather fragile.

These documents are treasured items from the personal archive of Dr Júlia Dévai. I am sure that there must be other documents from András Pető's hand scattered about the world in private collections – perhaps ignored or forgotten there. Time will doubtless see others emerge, that's how it goes.

To be published soon

Júlia Dévai worked closely with András Pető in the early days of the creation of conductive movement pedagogy, in the late nineteen-forties. She has already contributed a detailed personal memoir to the forthcoming book on András Pető, to be published soon by Conductive Education Press, and has also shared for publication the early overview Kolloqviumi témák 1 that she helped to write.

Both these extensive documents have been translated into English by conductor and university lecturer Tünde Rózsahegyi. Together they will offer English-language readers an unprecedented view of the genesis of the practice that has evolved into what is now called Conductive Education.

A version of Júlia's memoir will also be published soon in Budapest, in Hungarian.

For the longer term

The two documents that I was looking at last week:
  • Szovjet Mozgásterápiai Módszerek 2 (1950/51)
  • Mozgásterápiai Tájékoztató 3 (1958)
Actually, the second of these was originally dated 1957, this being altered by hand to 1958. I wonder whether delayed publication reflected his health.

I shall comment on both of these further when I have time to look at them properly. Time later too to consider what might be done to make their content more widely known.

Suffice it here to say that materials like this are the very stuff that the proper academic study of conductive pedagogy has desperately required from the year dot – and what a liberation it feels to have such materials at last come available after all these years.

1   Themes for Colloquium
2      Soviet Movement Therapy Methods
3   Handbook of Movement Therapy 


  1. This is good news and very important for the Conductive Education. I am writing a thesis on Conductive Education in Mexico and certainly, the publication of the writings of Dr. Petö is essential!I am interested in this publication. Thank you.

  2. I am curious to read, thanks for being in touch!