Thursday, 5 April 2012


Conferences are one way to put it about
And to learn what conferences require

Here's one opportunity, for those with experience of CE with very young children:

Possibilities in the Field of Early Childhood Intervention


International Professional Conference

Organized by the Early Intervention Center of Budapest

October 29-31 2012

Stefánia Palace, Budapest

Early childhood intervention aims at providing comprehensive assistance to affected children as well as their families during the early stages of life… the services of early childhood intervention must be comprehensive, continuous and of high quality and the parents must be involved as a partner into the processes in accordance with family-focus view. Furthermore the treatment must be customized to the needs of the family and their living environment....

We intend to explore international experiences and research results, present domestic and special regional practices along with specifically Hungarian forms of therapy... We provide interpretation for plenary and session presentations that are in Hungarian.

Reasonable all-in price, pleasant location, varied programme, convenient time of year, international audience – a good opportunity to showcase CE, with one session in particular looking tailor-made:

Session D

Atypical Motor Development in Infancy and Early Childhood 

Teamwork in Screening, Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Processes

Motor development is extremely marked in the first years of a child’s life. During these early stages the changes in motor functions and the development of abilities can most of all be described with milestones. Motor status affects the child’s communication, formation of cognitive abilities and self-sufficiency. Therefore the accurate assessment, the process diagnostics as well as the therapies and the rehabilitation require teamwork of professionals. Rehabilitation should combine therapeutic and pedagogical procedures to be able to affect all structures of abilities and  as a final goal    to reduce personal dependency and to enhance social integration.

In this session presentations of different therapeutic methods are welcome on posters.

Call for papers and posters is open till 31 May:

Come on, let's be having you. Somewhere. Anywhere.

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