Sunday, 29 April 2012


Checking out a possible conductor to employ
And vice versa?

An extract from a recent and extensive contribution to CE MARKETPLACE, from a mother in the USA looking to employ a summer conductor. She asks potential applicants the following questions:
  • what is your country of origin?
  • do you speak clear English without too heavy an accent? (I hope that doesn't sound rude. I ask this because Jocelyn already has communication challenges and I do not want to confuse her too much!) 
  • where did you gain your certification in conductive education? 
  • is your license to practice CE current? 
  • have you ever traveled to the USA? Have you ever worked here?
  • what type of disability does the child you are currently working with have? 
  • what types of disabilities have the children you've worked with in the past had? Have you ever worked with a child with undiagnosed developmental delay? 
  • have you ever worked with children under two years old? If so, how many hours a day did you work together? 
  • do you smoke? 
  • are you married and/or have your own children? 
  • are you willing to travel within the northeast of the US for weekend trips during your stay with our family? 
  • are you willing to be flexible in the times of day in which you work? For example, if we travel out of town we may not have a regular "session" but instead you implement your therapy into the course of the day or in the evening at the hotel. 
  • have you ever worked in a private home setting? 
  • can you provide references from your previous employers/parents of children you've treated? 
  • can you drive well? Do you have an international driver's license? Are you comfortable driving an SUV with the baby in back? 
  • can you reply with a photo of yourself?

I am not entitled by personal experience to elaborate on Julie's list, though others no doubt can. Please feel free to do so, as there is little opportunity for information-exchange of this kind. I might, however, make a couple of outsider's points of information that require no practical experience of my own.
  • Conductors do not have a 'licence to practice' They are not members of that kind of profession. They do have initial, career-entry qualifications, variously graded, but there is neither mechanism nor possibility for their being continuingly licensed in the way that I think is meant meant here.
  • One has to tailor questions and expectations to particular circumstances, not least the employment laws in the country in which the conductor is to be employed (I suspect, for example, that some of these questions are not permitted under EU law).
Vice versa

Of course, in negotiating any such employment arrangement it would seem reasonable for conductors to seek references in turn from parents.

Any relevant experiences or suggestions...?

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