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What? Who?

A new website opened in March, called Conductive Education World Hungary. It is written in Hungarian and English and, despite its name, based in London. A casual reading of its home-page might suggest to the casual reader that it originates from the Foundation for Conductive Education (though this is not explicitly stated) but in fact this website follows the besetting tradition of anonymity:

It does, however, offer the contact address of (konduktor Londonba means 'conductor to London') an email address used by an unnamed 38- 0r 39-year-old conductor who has been advertising very widely for employment in the London area and may well indeed now be over here and employed.

The blog is not fully operational, with some tabs not working yet, but there is enough there to promise much of interest to come:

This blog is to help as a connection point for everyone who has any form of contact with this area.

A companion blog appears to be planned, called Conductor-Konduktor, but this is not yet operational:

It all sounds a most welcome and unproblematical initiative...

Let your problem be ours

So proclaims the bold heading to the homepage.

Of course information should be free and openly available. Something published anywhere, including or especially on the Internet, is public property.

The extensive information lists that comprise the bulk of this new site's content are taken directly from Gill Maguire's Conductive Education Information:

Fair enough, those lists are put there to inform, freely, openly and in good faith. But to lift them wholesale, without hint or acknowledgement of their source? No thanks, no links, nothing. As though original compilations. That's just not on.

I do not think that this amounts to plagiarism as such (though some might disagree). It does, however, play fast and loose with the product of somebody else's labour and intellectual property. It is very definitely atrocious ill-manners, spivvy, a rip-off, a fast one... It is the sort of thing that tarnishes Conductive Education's reputation for us all.

My problem is that I think that this is all rather a poor show. It lowers the tone. I cannot be bothered, however, even to try and pass my problem across to this blog's author as invited above.

Maybe the ecosystem will do it for me. Above I wrote that she 'may well indeed be now over here and employed.' Maybe someone who reads this will already be employing her in a centre or a in a family's home, and recognise that e-mail address. I wonder ...

I have not told Gill about this yet. I wonder how she will take it when she finds out...

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