Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Two bloggers speak

Conductive World's posting about the new website Conductive Education World Hungary has attracted very little on-line comment. Almost none in fact.

Gill Maguire has of course remarked it, with characteristic equanimity. This can be read in full at:

I have also had an email from Susie Mallett, not the first to experience a problem in getting a Comment through and posted on this creaking blog, and asking to post it here or her. Here it is –
How happy I was last week to be able to write a congratulatory comment on Gill Maguire‘s recent posting about being a late bloomer:
Gill Maguire has a whole list of book titles to her name and a wonderful blog, and pages on the Conduction website that she spends hours of her unpaid time producing.
She works so hard to provide the likes of me, a conductor, and also parents, partners, families, carers, students and anyone else interested, with as much information as she can possibly find about conductive education, conductive pedagogy and related subjects.Gill does not just file articles away in the Conduction’s Library and Depository, or bring our attention on her blog to the work that different centres are doing, or list the titles of new books published, no, she does it all by adding her personal touch. She adds a few words of praise for contributors, she asks for help searching for items and even apologises just in case details are not accurate. I believe she has on occasion even offered her most welcome personal opinion on conductive matters!Then I read Andrew Sutton's latest posting: 
It was late last night, but I went straight to the website that he described there.Not only did I find there the lists of information that Gill Maguire took many hours of hard work to compile without any reference to Gill, her blog or the Conduction website, I also found something that I feel to be much more important to mention. Those little personal snippets of writing that add such a lovely personal touch to Gill’s postings had also been copied, as Andrew Sutton put it, ‘wholesale’, ‘without a hint or acknowledgement of their source’.I saw this as not only theft of knowledge and hard work, but stealing a bit of Gill herself. It seemed like bits of Gill’s souls had been stolen and abandoned higgledy piggledy on the website of a stranger for whom all this is a commodity, to be heartlessly appropriated.No, that kind of behaviour without any kind of acknowledgement really is not on.I really do not see the reason behind doing this ‘wholesale’ transfer of Gill’s blog postings on to this new blog. The information that has been put in this site is already accessible online on Gill’s own site, so it is only necessary to give the URL to link readers to the original source and in this way also acknowledge that it is Gill’s work.I have not been able to fathom out the reason behind the creation of this website. There are several proposed pages that are not functioning yet and it is also difficult to know who the site is aimed at as the language is a mixture of English and Hungarian skipping word by word from one language to the other.Andrew Sutton says that he cannot be bothered with this and I understand him. We all have so much to do. We could just wait and see what evolves. On the other hand I think that we should be bothered and that Gill should be given the credit for the hours of unpaid work that she does for us all.Thanks again, Gill. What would we do without you!
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By the way
I forgot myself to remark that I love the coincidence of the name to this new blog, the sincerest form of flattery.


  1. Had a look at it. Laugh? At the bottom of the home page this would-be blogger asserts her/his copyright! "Copyright © 2012 Conductive Education World Hungary "

  2. Mystery blogger now outed in Comment on Gill's blog:



  3. I am really touched by Susie's kind words and long appreciation of what I do - this has made me feel that there is a point to all the things I try to do. Thank you very much, Susie.

    Why this conductor feels that copying my posts will be useful to her, I have no idea. Why she would want to copyright my work, I have no idea. Someone has told me who it is and I have now written to her.