Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Other jobs for conductors

When funding for conductive work is hard to find, or dries up altogether, then conductors may have to find another string for their bow.

There are examples of this aplenty around the world. Announced today is conductor Stephanie Driver's beach-side yoga class in Hoi An. It looks nice work if you can get it to tide over mean times.

Steph writes –

Am trying to earn some money so that I can continue with the CE completely voluntarily now that I'm not with Voluntary Service Overseas.

Want to help my friend at her centre, Kianh Foundation, will be a couple of days a week, will try to work more with the physios to help them build their skills and knowledge and ideas, rather than trying to set up CE from scratch, and also do some yoga with a couple of the kids who are very severely disabled.

The staff at this place are great, they really care about the kids and try to take on anything they are shown, and they have just opened a brand new early intervention centre for about 100 kids (in the one district where this centre is, about 12km outside of Hoi An, there are around 900 kids who have some kind of disability), so this is where I will start to help them once I have the yoga thing up and running. Well, running with more people! Have contracts at two of the 5-star hotels on the beach, slowly getting the guests...I have two jobs that I love, in a beautiful place, am very, very lucky!

Just what other things are conductors doing around the world? And once financially sorted, are many in a position to continue working as conductors 'voluntarily', i.e. free, at no charge to anyone?


Hoi An Yoga

Kianh Foundation

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Chapter in Just do it!
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