Thursday, 31 May 2012


But they may face the same liabilities under law
So what about insurance?

It is very important within Conductive Education that distinction is made with 'therapy'; conductors are not health professionals and the basis of their work is very different. There may, however, be circumstances in which people outside do not see such distinction, with the perception being more important than there reality. One of these could be with respect to liability and insurance.

I other words, heath worker or educator, rightly or wrongly, conductors could find themselves being sued, for all sorts of things, and could end up having to pay damages. 

The following explanatory article was written by insurance broker David Balen, specifically for alternative/complementary health practitioners, many of whom find themselves in similar professional 'grey areas' with respect to insuring their practice:

This article relates specifically to the Law of England, but the considerations raised may also provide useful guidance for consideration by conductive practitioners elsewhere.


Balen, D. (2012) Managing risk and identifying health professionals’ insurance needs, Positive Health Online, June

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