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Some people have crazy ideas, very crazy in some cases. Usually, I guess, they are harmless and the rest of us can either ignore them or take a sort of bemused pride in our tolerance of such eccentricities. I am sure that every country has its eccentrics. And we all know that they make great television.

From today's issue of www.politics.hu

A few weeks ago an incredible 'documentary' was shown on MTV entitled  War against the Hungarian nation. The production is available on YouTube it is becoming evident that the Hungarian far right is having a heyday on MTV and Duna TV, both directed from a government-controlled media center...  

'..the role of the Carpathian Basin as the center of the world. Whoever rules this area rules the world. It is the “heart center” (szívközpont) of the world. It is also the strategic center of Earth, and that is the reason for the constant war that has been waged against the Hungarians.... 'our genes contain the known knowledge or, in other words, 'the divine knowledge.' Other people are jealous of this sacred knowledge. Hence, the persecution of the Hungarians by others...

While this nonsense was being aired on MTV, Duna TV was spreading the gospel of the far right... The program on runic writing could be seen a couple of days ago in a series called Hagyaték (Heritage)... 

...Hungarian children should be taught runic writing already in first grade instead of the Latin alphabet because it 'would strengthen the children’s self-identity'...

Such notions about Hungary’s place in the world lead to political isolation and economic ruin.

They lead to other things too. Only a couple of months ago I read Heather Pringle's book The Master Plan, about the Ahnenerbe. Its one comfort is that it is written in the past tense.

Such things could never happen again, unless the lunatics take over the asylum. Nem, nem, soha...


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  1. Emma McDowell writes –

    Don’t worry, Andrew, the best part of the Hungarian thinking population now lives/works abroad – I meet many of them and next to nobody watches 'Duna' (we do, mainly for the weather)… Even the more HONESTLY patriotic Magyars would find it below their dignity to argue with things like you mentioned in your blog article.
    This 'Magyarist' thinking has SOME historic precedent, since it DID exist (excusably as a sort of survival-mechanism) among the Hungarian gentry in Petőfi’s time: but their 'extra Hungariam non est vita – si est vita – non est ita' mentality was well ridiculed by great writers and poets of the 19thCentury, with our youthful, radical and VERY patriotic Petőfi in the lead. For the sake of your Hungarian readers, compare, for instance, two of his best known poems (we learned them by heart in 5th class of General School):

    'A Magyar nemes' – a brilliant satire on the retrograde mentality of the Hungarian middle gentry,
    and any of his great land-describing (tájleíró) poems, or,  one of his unashamedly truly patriotic ones, e.g.,
    'Ha a Föld Isten kalapja, Hazánk a bokréta rajta…'
    Patriotism is a much stronger, national characteristic of Hungarians (i.e. people borne and brought up in Hungary) but it has unfortunately turned in on itself under our present government, and the turncoats are always the loudest. Health WILL return, I trust.