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Essential guiding principle

'Never give up' was one of the explicit personal principles that ruled András Pető's life and practice. It was a basic ingredient in the mix that developed out of movement therapy in the late nineteen-forties to create conductive movement pedagogy. This is not of course to imply that he 'invented' or 'discovered' this principle. Like so much that has gone into the development of what is presently called Conductive Education it is a social and personal commonplace that had been blended ('conducted') into a particular approach and for particular purposes.

Conductor Lisa Gombinsky has sent me the following video, called coincidentally Never give up:

What has this to do with Conductive Education?

In one way of looking at things (the biological), Arthur Boorman's personal case study shown in this video comes from a different field of rehabilitation. From another way at construing our world, however, from a paradigm one that raises the level of analysis to one at which the psycho-social subsumes the biological, such a distinction is a false one – one moreover that distracts from a fundamental truth. In other words, thoughtful people in Conductive Education know better and will spot higher-order affinities beneath lower-level differences. Thus, good professional advice was 'you will never walk again' – overturned by recognition that you should 'own your life'. And by the way, look at the comments under this video for how it has to be patiently explained that progress depends on motivation and that this in turn may depend on others... What an uncomprehending world it remains, now as in András Pető's time.

The transformation documented in this video took under a year to achieve.

For those who like more

There is an extended version of this video at:

And watch out for the immanent publication of the book András Pető.

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