Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Four Facebook informational sites
What else in social networks?


Facebook is a quick, way to spread awareness around the Internet, quicker than writing or reading a blog, readily found and accessed. It encourages response and comment, and its new Timeline format shows all earlier postings, right back to the date that a given page first appeared (a search engine would be handy and will doubtless come – though in the meantime Google can help).

At least four Facebook pages currently offer news, links and information, and the opportunity to respond to these. They have in common that they provide a focus on Conductive Education, with a penumbra of other items of personal interest – all of course as seen from the positions and perspectives, and in the personal style, of their respective administrators. Together therefore they offer both overlap and diversity of content:
  • Conductive World (Andrew Sutton)
  • [Untitled] – (Norman Perrin)
  • Pető Education UK (Szathmáry Judit)
  • Pető Intézet (Ádam Mákk)
You may know of others that fit the same loose criteria. 

If so, do please let me know of them so that I can pass the information on.

Other pages, other social networks?

Readers of Conductive World may already know these pages.

They may also of course know of other Facebook pages that fit the same loose criteria. I can mention only those that I know of. Similarly, Facebook is not the only social-networking system. It is however the only one that I follow.

Do please let me know of others, of any kind, in any language, and I shall pass the information on.


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