Thursday, 10 May 2012


Patently what?

Recent renewed interest in 'special needs' has thrown up some previously unnoticed Internet flotsam. This for example – 
[October 05, 2007]
Special needs children's centre to seek patent rights  paper 
(Hungarian News Agency Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) Budapest, October 5 (MTI) - Hungary's world-renowned Peto Institute, a centre for children with locomotive disorders, has received a new director and is seeking to patent the special needs method of the so-called conductive education it has developed, national daily Nepszabadsag reported on Friday. Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany has appointed Franz Schaffhauser as director of the Budapest-based centre, with hopes of putting an end to years of disputes over the leadership of the institution. Schaffhauser has pledged to start legal preparations to protect the special education method developed at the centre with an international patent. He also initiated a research programme to incorporate the latest research results into the Peto method. Andras Peto developed his conductive education system after WW2 and his method opened up a new way for the rehabilitation of children and adults suffering from motor disorders whose dysfunction was due to damage to the central nervous system. Around 1,200 children – many of the from abroad – are treated each year in institute, which also functions as a training centre for educators. There are an estimated 15 million children aged under 14 around the world suffering from motor disorders whose condition can be improved with the Peto method. Copyright 2007 Hungarian News Agency, Source: The Financial Times Limited (Click on the link at the top-right of the page)
Think on't.

Some old thoughts on this
Sutton, A (2007) Conductive Education: a patent misunderstanding? Conductive World, 9 October 2007
This was one of the very first postings on Conductive World. Since then the world has moved on and many things have changed. There seems little to add to that posting of four years ago, however, except to wonder what has been happening to the application (or applications). Many people around the world would doubtless love to see the required specified technical definition of Conductive Education or the Pető Method.

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  1. So what? We don't provide CE just an education for children with Cerebral Palsy led by special needs teachers who, as an additional qualification, have a degree in CE. :-)