Tuesday, 22 May 2012


It CAN be done

As part of the New Zealand CE Awareness Week, the Southland Times has published a well-briefed feature item on the Southland Centre for Conductive Education.

Credit to the editor and the reporter – but features like this do not just write themselves. The reporter has to be briefed: a coherent and well based-account has to be clearly delivered, and then probably a draft-product gone through together and discussed. So credit too to everyone at Southlands for a good story, well told

I could quibble. Please, no training', and the British, three-year conductor-training course was at Wolverhampton, not Birmingham University, but such distinctions hardly matters in this context! I would rather applaud niceties, such as –
...teaches families how to live with a disability while still living themselves...
Rather, I would trumpet from the roof-tops what is NOT said:
  • no sick children
  • no therapy
  • no 'multidisciplinary'
  • no cod neurology
  • no 'principles of conductive education'
An awareness worth having
The philosophy of conductive education is that children and adults with motor disorders of neurological origin can learn, and... become more independent, in small, manageable steps and through goals that are specific to each child.

 (2012) Holistic approach pays off, Southland Times, 22 May


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