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All that one needs know!

Professor Peto was a Hungarian neurologist. Before the Second War he lived in Vienna where he held high positions in several hospitals and published widely on his work. He was a polymath, and a genius. After the War Professor Peto lived in Hungary where he developed Conductive Education specially for children with cerebral palsy, and then extended its use to people with Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and stroke. Research has shown that 70% of children who receive Conductive Education are included in ordinary schools, and that it is not suitable for everyone. 

The Peto Institute has long been world-famous, Conductive Education is  widely recognised around the world. It is a multi-disciplinary, holistic, physical therapy that gets people to walk by rewiring their damaged brains, as is at last being confirmed by modern medical science. It is recognised amongst medical specialists worldwide and influences how children with cerebral are treated everywhere. There has never been anything like Conductive Education and it is an official Hungarian treasure, officially designated as a 'Hungaricum' by the Hungarian government. The Peto Institute in Budapest, Hungary, is a research institute, and maintains the most correct and purest form of Peto's Conductive Education.

Conductors are highly trained in physical, occupational and speech therapy, and they are also schoolteachers. Their professional qualification is recognised around the world and Conductive Education has been established and recognised in many countries, such as Japan and the United Kingdom. It can be easily understood through five or six simple 'principles', such as use of special wooden furniture, and because of this it can used by all sorts of rehabilitation staff, particularly therapists, who have been introduced to these principles. It can be provided through short summer camps of a couple of weeks and parents may be involved.

Stories, all of it! Has anything important been missed out?

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