Friday, 13 July 2012


Round again, full as ever

Two items of news in this issue, of international significance, confirm New Zealand's continuing trail-blazing role:
  • The NZ Foundation for Conductive Education is looking to register the name 'Conductive Education'
  • The NZ Conductors' Association is setting up a national appraisal system for conductors
There is lots more...

To ensure that only qualified conductors are able to deliver the Conductive Programme... This is to safeguard against unqualified people laying claim to be delivering Conductive Education and so damaging the integrity of the programme..
Appraisal process
Ongoing appraisal is a requirement for all professionals and this of course included conductors. The appraisal process includes participation by management and also practitioners...
National funding

There is no mention of the national funding issue.

Interesting article

Conductor Virag Czibok, President of the NZCA, writes a brief but interesting article about the holistic approach and the importance  in this of movement.

Along the way, she quotes Vienna-born physiologist Eric Kandel –

The idea of the programme is not to teach the child to read – which he can't – but to get him ready to learn to read. It is not to solve all his emotional problems but to give him a totally coordinated body so that he does not constantly have to compensate for his weakness,but can use that energy to deal with other problems of his life.


 – (2012) Newsletter, NZ Foundation for Conductive Education, July

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